The Bub's Brothers' Screenshots

Outdated images! These are screenshots from version 1.1. Nowaways the background is no longer uniformly black and all sprite graphics have been upgraded. Please send me good screenshots taken with version 1.6!

extend! extend!

This is a typical six-players confused situation.  Red and Brown have just been killed here.
Look carefully at Yellow, who is about to catch exactly the three letters that he misses to complete the word "Extend" and get the 100'000 points bonus!

 The goal of the game is to throw bubbles and catch the monsters that walk, fall or fly around.
Then you run into the bubbles and make them explode.

You get a fruit or diamond bonus for every dead monster.
At that point, catch the bonuses before the other players do!  Run for diamonds!

Run for diamonds
Bananas from the sky

But beware of the remaining monsters...

With some dexterity you can also catch other players or bonuses in bubbles.  The trick is to throw your bubble from precisely the correct distance.

Bubble'em in

Bonuses can have a lot of surprizing effects.

Some are just a whole bunch of points.
Jump!  Jump! Too high!

Some give your dragon better
(or sometimes worse) capabilities.

There is a Time Machine, a Teleporter,
a Duplicator, the One Ring, and a sheep.

Some build new worlds,
some destroy the whole world.

Purple stone
Crashed down


If a bonus is caught in a bubble, it will effect all dragons when the bubble is exploded.  This is a good way to give bad bonuses to everybody!  But sometimes the best bonuses themselves are caught in a bubble too and make everyone happy...

Alone in the world  

Everyone happy?  No!  Poor Brown has been caught in a bubble and cannot receive the mega-bonus...

By the way, this is a network game whose goal is to make as many points as possible.  Players have unlimited lives and don't get fired from a game.  You must still avoid to die too often because it makes you loose all the bonuses you recently got.

Here White is loosing 100'000 points in the form of bunches of bananas and peaches, some shoes, and many sugars.

How to loose 100000 points

Don't ever think that you know about all the bonuses...


Have fun!