regular bonus big bonus
Aubergine Mirror. The left hand is the one with the thumb on the right, right? Super Bonus-catching teleport ability.
Bomb Baaoouuuummmm! Explode that wall! Makes a BIG hole.
Wand/Chest. Turn the bubble into bonuses at the end of the level.
Book Magic Bomb. Makes a magical explosion killing touched monsters. Homing Magical Stars.
FireBubble Fire Bubbles. Makes you fire napalm bubbles. Makes you shoot fire - you're a dragon after all.
LightningBubble Lightning Bubbles. Even-more-lightning Bubbles.
StarBubble Star Bubbles. Makes you fire bonus bubbles. More bonus bubbles => more confusion.
WaterBubble Water Bubbles. Your bubbles will now be filled with water. Snooker balls.
Bubblizer Bubblizer. Special powers for your bubble.
Butterfly Lunar Gravity. Allows you to jump twice as high as before. Butterflies all around.
Cactus Cactus. Drop a big version of a random bonus. Let's get more big bonuses!
Carrot Angry Monster. Turns all free monsters angry. What do angry monsters turn into if you don't hurry up?
WhiteCarrot Fly. Become a great flying dragon! Jump down off the ground!
Chestnut Relativity. Speed up or slow down the game. Relative relativity - not the same one for players and monsters.
Chickpea Basilik. Allows you to touch the monsters. Turn off the light.
Clock Time Machine. Let's do it again! Let's do the whole level again - with the help of ghosts from your own past.
Cocktail Short Lived Bubbles. Makes your bubbles explode more quickly. Makes your bubbles explode at once. Dangerous!
Conch Sea Shell. Let's bring the sea here! Aquarium.
IceCreamIceCreamIceCreamIceCream Icecream. An icecream which is so good you'll always want more. BIG ice creams!
Donut Donut. Catch every free monster in a bubble. Catch dragons too.
Door Magic Door. Let bonuses come in! Let bigger bonuses come in!
Egg Teleporter. Exchange yourself with somebody else. Exchange colors too.
Extend E X T E N D. Gives you your missing letters and clear the level. A lot of letter bubbles! Run! Run!
AutoFire Auto Fire. Makes you fire continuously. Adds many bubbles to the level.
LongFire Long Fire. Increase the range of your bubble throw out. Throw bubbles that split into more bubbles.
ShortFire Short Fire. Shorten the range of your bubble throw out. What occurs if you throw bubbles at range zero?
HighSpeedFire High Speed Fire. Increase your fire rate. Machine-gun speed!
Fish2 Rotten Fish. Will blast monsters up to here, so move it around! Gives seven blasts.
Flower Flower. Fire in all directions. Rotational Bubble Thrower (tm).
Flower2 Bottom-up Flower. Turn you upside-down. Turn the level upside-down.
Fruits. A small little bonus. But the size doesn't matter, does it? If you're lucky enough you might get a great shower!
Glue Glue. Triple fire. Heptuple fire. (That's 7.)
Grenade Barbecue. 360-degree flames.
Ham Protein. Let's build something! Builds something BIG.
Insect Crush World. What if the level looked like that instead... Or like that... Or...
Lollipop Yo Man! Makes you walk backward. Just swapping 'left' and 'right' is not confusing enough.
MonstererMonsterer Monsterificator. Let's play on the other side! Ta, ta ta, ta, taaaaaa...
Mushroom Bouncy Bouncy. Makes you jump continuously. The same, but even more annoying.
BlueNecklace Self Duplicator. Mirror yourself. Mirrors vertically too.
VioletNecklace Monster Duplicator. Double the number of free monsters. This level's boring, let's bring even more monsters...
Pear Pear. Will explode into sugars for your pockets but watch out or you'll lose them! The more the better.
GreenPepper Hot Pepper. Run! Run! That burns. That burns a lot!
HeartPoison Heart Poison. Freeze all free monsters. Freeze all other players too!
PotionPotionPotion Potions. Clear the level and fill its top with bonuses. Fill the whole level with bonuses.
Potion4 Subgame! For a while, let's play one of the seven mini-games.
Ring The One Ring. Where am I?
Sheep Sheep. What a stupid beast! You're a sheep. Let's bounce around.
Slippy Greased Feet. Do you want some ice skating? Zip zip zip bouncing off walls!
AmphetamineSpeed Amphetamine Dose. Increase of your general speed! Let's move!
CoffeeSpeed Caffeine. Cumulative increase of the horizontal speed and fire rate. Super-Excited! Break through walls!
ShoeSpeed Fast Runner. Cumulative increase of horizontal speed. Run Really Fast.
MultiStonesMultiStonesMultiStones Gems. Very demanded stones. It will take time to pick it up. Stones so big you will jump of joy picking them up.
UmbrellaUmbrellaUmbrella Umbrellas. Beware of what's going to fall on everyone's head! It's raining hard.