The Bub's Brothers Game

Starting the game

Please refer to the instructions on the download page to install the game, start a server, and start at least one client.

Basic interface

Once the client is connected, you can add or remove players by clicking on them in the blue bar at the bottom of the window. When adding a player you will be asked to choose the four keys you want to control it (go right, go left, jump, and throw a bubble). The game starts as soon as the first player is ready. While he is playing, other players can be added on the same machine by moving the mouse and selecting more dragons. Clicking on a playing dragon (shown jumping at the bottom right) removes it from the game.

Basic movements

As everyone knows, dragons throw bubbles. These ones throw quite large and solid bubbles. Indeed, dragons reach the upper parts of a levels not only by simply jumping on higher platforms; at times, such conveniently placed platforms will not be provided. Instead, you can temporarily use bubbles as jump grounds.

The basic rule is that a bubble will explode if a dragon touches it, and make all other bubbles nearby explode as well, unless you are falling just on it and holding the jump key down. So to go up, try practicing the following basic movement: throw a bubble, run after it, jump a bit before you reach it and don't release the jump key nor the go right or go left key, so that you neatly fall over the bubble you just threw out.

Goal of the game

Oh yes, there must be a goal in the game, too. You have to catch monsters in bubbles by simply throwing bubbles at them. Then happily run into these bubbles to make them explode. Simple, isn't it?

There are much, much more rules and nice tricks to try; go through the screenshots page for an in-depth overview.

Have fun !

Armin Rigo and the IMA connection